Download Whatsapp Blackberry. Are you using one of the new Blackberry smartphones of 2012 or 2013? Well, then I am sure that you must be some kind of a businessman, or woman, or the son, or the daughter, who got a second Blackberry smartphone for free as a bonus or work phone from their huge, or just big, or medium, or even small company, but a company. Because that is what Blackberry phones were first focused on, the companies and all the busy businessmen, or women.

Download Whatsapp Blackberry

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In the past, not too past, few years back before all the iPhone and Android smartphones boom, everybody had a Blackberry phone to text, the texting craziness was absolutely crazy, everybody was texting. And so is people still today, but most of them are not using Blackberry smartphones anymore, and if they are, they already have decided to download Whatsapp Blackberry.

Because even if you still nowadays are using your BB phone to text, you should not be using it by the regular way that people were texting in the past, that means, no SMS through a GSM network. Why?

Because it costs money. To download Whatsapp Blackberry it does not cost me. Completely free. WhatsApp Download

Even if you are using the intra BB free messaging system with the Blackberry pin codes for text, I am actually telling you that you should keep still, and still use the modern era apps that allow you to do that same thing (text) but in a much better way.

And I mean this, because I am completely certain that I am being completely right on what I am saying.

Why should you relay in old methods, when you can use the new methods that everybody is using, and is happy to actually be using?

Download Whatsapp Blackberry right now, because it is completely free, and it keeps (and will be) getting updates for their app in order for you, the BB user, to live an amazing experience while texting all your friends and contact list with Whatsapp. The best free chat application out there for any modern age phones (and yes, that even includes the people who even have worst phones than you, the Nokia Symbian  users!)

You can easily download Whatsapp Blackberry either from the official website of this popular application or you can also download the app from the also famous site for anything BB related: Blackberry world. You do not even need one of the most advanced Blackberry smartphones that came out last year, the minimum requirements in order to be able to run and use this app after you make the download Whatsapp Blackberry for free, are BB OS 4.6 or above (not necessary to have BB OS 10 installed), Blackberry Internet Services (BIS) or the BB Enterprise Service (BES)

So do not wait, and start those amazing free chats with your friends, right now, for free!


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